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I sent you something and you didn't respond and/or I don't see it online. Sorry. We get a lot of mail and it's impossible to respond to everyone. Photos, movies, and other media are used as needed. Be sure to include an email address if you use one of our online forms and want a response.

How do I submit photos, drawings, movies, etc? By email. Please let us know if it's yours or its source (include contact information if possible). Send your original photos as hi-resolution jpegs; graphics in gif or tiff format; movies in mpeg, mov, avi, flash, or windows media format. Sorry, we don't have public ftp.

Will you publish my story? Maybe. Features and stories must be adapted for the web. This usually means your story must fit on one web page and the reader must not have to scroll more than 2-3 screens to read the entire piece. You must also agree to let our team of drunken Irish authors edit your story as needed and be patient, it may take a while to get to it.

You have something of mine online and I want it removed. When you submit something, you agree to give us the nonexclusive right to use it. If you don't want us to use your comments, photos, etc., don't send them to us. For copyright violations, tell us what and where it is on our website. Also, provide an attestation that it's really yours. We'll remove it unless it falls under Fair Use guidelines.

May I use your photos? If it belongs to us, you can use it without charge for all noncommercial projects and most commercial projects. Please give us credit. One limitation: you may not sell the photos themselves (e.g. a cd of photos). Contact us for more information.

May I link to something on your website? Yes, but... Please do not hotlink to any mutimedia file. Link to the page the media is on instead. You may hotlink to graphics. We will be happy to send you stuff that belongs to us, or if we have the right to distribute it, just ask.

Do you really hate squirrels? No. We like 'em fine and they taste great. Our mission is to track the world-wide love-hate fascination with squirrels and present it in the most absurd way possible.

Are you hunters? No, we don't need to hunt. When we're hungry, we go to the super market a few blocks away. It has plenty of dead animals for sale.

Aren't you just a bunch of bleeding-heart environmentalists? In general, we support the multiple use principal of resource management, but we are left of center.

I need real information about squirels! We'll try to give it to you or refer you to a reliable source. Go to our Ask the Experts page for more info or to ask a question.

I found an abandoned baby squirrel or an injured squirrel. What do I do? You should contact a wildlife rehabilitator or call your local Fish & Game Department, Humane Society, or veterinarian asap: Click here to locate a rehabber. You may also review Patriot Mary's Guide to Raising Infant Tree Squirrels.

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