scary squirrel world TUFTY PROPAGANDA EXPOSED


As Patriots know, Tufty the Traffic Safety Squirrel is the mastermind behind the bushytail horde's plans for squirrel world domination.

Our complete dossier on Tufty's rise to power and his nefarious deeds are found on our Tufty Propagand Exposed page linked below (click Tufty for comment - 192k wav).

Longtime Patriots also know that Tufty's media savy has led to a plethora of videos meant to spread the false promises of squirrel world domination. Foremost among them are the infamous, simply named DIE VIER FILME (The Four Films).

We've featured each of these films separately. However, this is the first time we've featured them back-to-back with our editorial comment below.

Therefore, we invite you to view the films by clicking on the photo below; judge for yourself the meaning of each; consider our analysis; and give us your opinion using the handy form below...




The Crossing: one of Tufty's most controversial films. On it's surface, it simply shows Tufty practicing the proper way to cross a road with his "don't-ask-don't-tell" best friend, Bobby. However the inclusion of Tufty's mother, the abusive Mrs. Fluffytail, suggests something more sinister. Specifically, Tufty's mum is often used as a visual metaphor for squirrel world domination. Thus, the film presents the bushytail horde as a unified, unstoppable front against which resistance is futile.

The Ice Cream Van Incident: in this epic, we're introduced to Tufty's inner circle thug, Willy Weasel. Willy has the misfortune of being run over by a speeding car when he fails to exercise caution while crossing the street (btw: this happens to Willy a lot). Meanwhile, Tufty and his mother make it to the ice cream van unscathed, get a nummy cone, and witness Willy's near fatal accident from the safety of the sidewalk. The message: those who oppose squirrel world domination will suffer horrible fates.

Willy's Accident: as mentioned above, Willy Weasel has close calls and/or gets run down by more lorries, cars, and ice cream vans than we care to mention (click Tufty and Willy for comment). Coincidently, Mr. Policeman Badger is near the scene of every accident. This leads some to speculate that Willy is the victim of a conspiracy to eliminate him. Be that as it may, this film just repeats The Ice Cream Van Incident message but with the added threat of social rejection and isolation.

Mummy Knows Best: another film steeped in controversy. In it, Tufty wanders away from his mother in search of the Toy Store - a goal he can't reach without mummy's help. Leaving aside the Oedipal overtones, the real message to viewers is obvious: one can never achieve happiness unless and until they submit to squirrel world domination.

Patriots, pathetic skwerlhuggers will tell you that The Four Films are only meant to teach children the fundamentals of crosswalk safety. But we know better. All of Tufty's multimedia offerings are nothing more than skwerlien propaganda with one purpose: to turn the innocent and the ignorant into drooling skwerlverts. So, some may object to this exposé. However, knowledge is power and the truth must be told if we're to defeat the bushytail horde and it's plan for squirrel world domination...