scary squirrel world SPUN - THE MOVIE

One wild ride... Click screenshot to find out why. Video in Windows Media - 1.8mb.

We don't know who shot this flick, but we'd like to. The clip shows a commercial anti-squirrel bird feeder, the Yankee Flipper, in action. We'd like to know more about the product's overall performance, etc.

I suppose we'd also like to know if the skwerl survived...

Anyway, some of you will write to say that dubbing in the laugh track on this flick is lame. It's not dubbed. It's the film makers having way more fun than anyone can possibly imagine. We just added in the tune and titles.


The squirrel was enjoying the simple things in life

Very Mean and disturbing!
"Brilliant dismount! Final score...8.5!? What the f@%&*?? Damn that Ukrainian judge - I know someone paid him off!"
This made me sad =(
Skwerls should not be allowed on the playground.
r u a skwerl
this is a scary squirrel
ITs an awsome site!
That was hysterical. Did he come back for another E-Ticket ride? hahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha!
Your disgusting! how can you do that to an innocent animal. You should be ashamed!
this is a funny clip i loved it
I'm a sixty three year old ordained clergy person and : I Loved It
Squirrels need some food too...that video is horrible.
How clever! A new game! "Twirl-a-Squirrel"!
If thats not the funniest thing i'll see today, then i guess i'll see the same thing again, but the squirrel would be in a clown suit.
that is scary
Believe me...that squirrel not only survived, but absolutely CANNOT FREAKING WAIT to catch that ride again. Squirrel is torn about whether to clue friends in on killer buzz, or be selfish about it. WHEEEeeeee....
true to life and very far from earth
get a life
The Funsters better watch their backs. ~Tufty
did they have a remore control to make it spin?
thats bad man wtf
looks like it lived...unfortunaitally...*blasts a bushytail* DIE YOU MENACES!
it is blery



video by unknown funsters