scary squirrel world PSP SQUIRREL COMMERCIAL 


ooooooookkkkkk i love squirrels but those r just kreepy i like the concept of it though whaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!

What about the hellz yea one? The, your mother's a chipmunk one? Man, someone give me THAT video.

Ed. note 01-07-06: it's not available online yet.
that's my frickon favorite an funniest commercial in the whole frickon world!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dude that skrl has add just like me abc 123 yo yo yo my name is bwok cwomwy
Well that sucked. Eat marshmallows.
squirrels are the single most awsome animal aside from the fox. they're almost as cool as nuts you can play with outside!!
i think one of the reasons that they stopped using the skwerls is that one of them was voiced by the late Richard Pryor, who died early december, so they decided to use other characters. god rest his funny-ass soul. Hellz yea!
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anyone know how to put it into my PSP?
(people can spell real well....haha) after seeing it, i wanted a psp, but then realized im broke.....damn. Other commercials are just as great....hellz yeah!
oh my god! How do the people that make the comercials come up with this? it awsome!
two thums" way way down!
This is the funniest commercial I've seen in a long time... I love it & the other squirrel commercial too!
odd but it really does get the point across
lol thats pretty funny, if only that was true eh? lol go DS wooo!!!
cool and creepy
I wanna portable nut. I never get to go outside, cause I'm always playing indoor nut. I WANNA NUT! Who cares about psp?
dude me and my friend love this commercial all we do all day is say whaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!! awesome 5 *s by the way whoever that the sqwerls were gay, u spell it with a y its called a spell check, look into it
totally wiked
the fact that there was a poster who called them "black" squirrels makes this a joke, all of the PSP animation commercials play on racial stereotypes... I don't care if a black dude made it, this is some racist s--t.
this is the most awsome commerical I have ever seen. Play it play it!!!! I want a psp now because they do!!!!!!! :)
If i had a ship that big, the ladies would be on me like salt on a peanut. Hellz yeah!!!
heelz yeah commecial best commercial in the world keep up the good work sony!
it suck plain and simple
I love it! Their tripped out eyes make the commercial.
o.......k? That was so wierd @_@ what was the point im confuzzled..... and who was the other squirrel? They looked psycotic... who made this? Why am I rambling on like an idiot ^^; sorry....... uhh it was good ... LIES! Shout up you voice inside my head I liked it ^^; LIER! YOU HATED IT uhh...heh excuse me a sec.......... ok back v.v dum voice in my head @_@ I shut it up for now but it will be back... WHERE AM I?! uhoh...hehe ^^; ok im going now bye
hey wanna play with my nut? its portible *wink*
Hells Yah!!! I love the squirrel I went right out and bought a portable nut!!!
This is one of the most imaginative, funniest I've seen. I love the little squirrel faces and voices. It doesnt make me want to buy one but still love the commercial.
Bahaha i love this comercial.. Me && my friend dressd up as squirrels && recorded us doint this. =] Me+Ths comercial= hot sex BEst fuckin comercial ever WHAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa SAm
I love this commmercial!! It's funny! I have a squirrel at home! I know, WHATTTTTTTTT!!!!
squirrel please!
DUUUUDE! Awesome!!!
Hellz YA!!!
i prefer nuts to psp's (im english!!!)
i like playing with nuts outside
I'm not sure if that should be dirty or not.
This is the best commerical ever,i wish a had a portable nut..... sigh.....WHAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!! roflmfao ahahahahahahahahahaha
FUNNY!!! AND APROPRIATELY RANDOM!! just what u need for stick-in-the-mud people with no sense of stupidity!! but hey im not judging... SQUIRRELS ROCK!!!
whaaaaaaaaat!!! best part of the commercial.
this is like the best commerical ever made i got a portable nut it kicks ass rock on dude
say whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?
psp might suck but the commercials are the best (I prefer Nintendo DS)
wtf? this sucks
i think this skwerel is nutts
thats pretty flyy
I do not like that cereshal! IT IS F*#@ing ugly!
omg lol
I love that commercial soooo much!!! It is the best commercial EVER!!!! "Squirrel please, you got game like a chipmunk!!!"
if you think this is tasteless, you don't even know what taste is...
it makes absolutely no sense! Geez....
I freakaleekin love this! WHAAAAAAT?!
i almost want a PSP now...
lol that is so great
Funnier than the Quizno's Rats
i think i got the wrong commercial my brother told me bout all these black squirells sayin your mamas a chipmunk and hells yeah.
they r awsome thjey exspress squrrel feelings and there flippin sweet!!!
Love it! had to find it after I saw it on tv. I want to see the newest squirrel commercial though! The one that says : Squirrel, please:!
haha! what a stupid squirrel!
dude the picture it's self is f__kin funny lol you should make commic strips dude.
cant you bring nuts outside in the first place?...anyway. i kina like it..kinda... ~L.T
this is funny but the other one where they are crackin on each other was funnier.
very nice.
for anyone who didn't like it or get it, you just have to open your mind to the funny stupidity of the world today. It's a great peace of art!
I think it was awesome and if you don't u can't play with a nut outside
The best comercial i have seen in years
I think those cracked out squirrels rock!!
It's damn stupid.
so friggin weird
A true masterpiece of commercial advertising. I laughed. I cried. And how can you not get it?!
Well, since it's 12:12AM here, i'm 3/4 asleep, bored as hell, random feeling, corious atm, wondering, Why does Jello take soo long to harden?
that must be the most f__ked up thing i've ever seen... and i loved it
At least they realize this is the way to sell. ;D
Need the sqirrel "Hellz yeah" PSP commercial too.
how come so many people can't spell (see other comments). commercial is damn funny. just about fell on the floor laughing.
If I had the money I'd buy a psp just for because they came up with this commercial
"its like a nut u can play with outside"........the worst slogan ever....the ppl who thot of that r frikkin gai
ooooooooooooooooooooook. nuts u can play with outside.... scary and wrong
dude that is the best commercial anyone has made
sweet, yo mama is a chipmunk
The funniest commercial I've ever seen
I love nuts you can play with outside. I used to have one before it broke.(sniff) But cant get enough of those nuts.
That is some wacky shitnit that is. I love sqwerls more than life itself! Power to the squirrel lovers and if acorns had brains they'd take over the world!! whooo! I was sent to an asylum where I wasn't supposed to be at too! We are one of the same!! I love you!!
please send that to my phone as a ringtone! ringtones as a nut!
squirrel funny ha
i dont get it
truely the collapse of western civilization is at hand
my opinio is dat it is reali bad but wen me n ma friend fix it up wid me voice n her voice it gr8!!!!! we lov e it
psp's are a piece of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dumb and tasteless
I now want a PSP
it was weird.... and very random
spun out sqrl sorta ok