scary squirrel world GONE NUTTY 

The "lost" Sqrat episode from the Ice Age series.
Click screenshot to play - 6.5mb in windows media.

Proof that the varmits have been greedy throughout epochs

It was super and awsome
this shite is funny as hell!!!!!!
loved it, laughing all the way through.
Too bad there was no video, sound only so it sucks a nut

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The guys who made this movie must have been under the skwerls influence. So scrat only stands for ppl to think that skwerls are only poor cute innocent victims. but its false they are a menace for the population of earth. the first steps in world destruction
That was funny!
wow. wow. wow. really excellent, folks.
i liked it it was funny but ive seen this before so!!!!
It's was so cute and funny !
it sucks
its nuts! ^^
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy =)
ha ha this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!
I love this one. Scratt and Foamy are my favorite squirrels, well, except for Tufty. Ok, lets make this easy, I LOVE THE SQUIRRELS! Well, I've always loved this one so what can I say, 5 outta 5 stars.
I LOVE THAT SQUERAL!!!....Tree Licker Jr.
LOVED IT! - a notorious skwerlhugger
I think that is the funniest little clip of movie/entertainment i have evr seen in my life.
I laugh at his apparent misfortune HA HA HA
That was freaking amazing..... I thought that is was very funny!
that was AWESOME, even though i've already seen it... :o)
It's a clear sign of attempted world domination by the squirrels. We should be very afraid!
Loved it!
funny! ok
kinda boring after the 20th time
hej hoj a ni lustkan no??
HOLY !@#$ thats alot of nuts...but its still not as good as the 2 squirrels in the psp commerical.


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