scary squirrel world WHAT DO SQUIRRELS EAT?

Patriots, we receive many letters from disguntled skwerlhuggers. Most simply take us to task for opposing squirrel world domination. But some claim to be from "experts" who think they know it all. Unfortunately, these experts are eager to share their knowledge in the most adversarial way possible...

I cannot believe that you would put a picture in your Skwrl Says page that shows a squirrel drinking cofee. Your obviously too stupid to know that coffee can kill a squirrel and doing that just makes it easy for other stupid people to kill squirrels with the wrong kind of nutrition. I'm an expert at raising squirrels and I can tell you that no one appreciates your ignorence about them. I will report you to SPCA wher you live and get your website taken down if you do not take that picture off and any other hateful pictures you have!

~ A real squirrel lover!

The photo that outraged skwerlhugger A Real Squirrel Lover was part of our ongoing Skwerl Says feature. A smaller version appears to your right. The original was taken by David A. Sommers, a photographer for the Saginaw News.

As for A Real Squirrel Lover's comments, we don't really know what was in that coffee cup because we didn't get it direct from the photographer. Hey, maybe it was decaf. Likewise, we can't say with any degree of certainty that the skwerl did or did not survive the experience (click skwerl for comment).

We can offer our own "expert" opinion: a very small amount of coffee wouldn't kill a healthy, adult skwerl. We can say this with confidence because we've tried time and again to ascertain what foods a chitterbox might choke on, so to speak.

We've tried all your typical junk foods such as salted, high fat nuts, potato chips, candy bars, pizza, frosted carrot cake, chewing gum, and most recently, Gummi Worms...

Chewy Skwerl eats the (Gummi) Worm...

Click first pic for large version, this pic for Chewy's comment; click here for Chewy video

Of course, the preceding information comes as no surprise to most Patriots, and what follows certainly isn't breaking news. However, we're fairly certain that it'll come as a horrific shock to skwerlhugger A Real Squirrel Lover...

As we've pointed out on numerous occasions, the bushytail horde advertises itself as harmless vegans content to nibble delicately on nuts and berries... but they are, in fact, drooling, slavering omnivores... and in some cases, predatory, carnivorous assassins.

Consider our exclusive, ever-popular photos of deranged, maniacal skwerlballs feasting on flesh. On your left is Patriot Mapes photo of Carny the Skwerl eating his unfortunate victim, a worm, alive. And on your right is Patriot Curtis' shot of an unnamed ground skwerl devouring a dead bunny's brains...

Carny eats the (real) worm - click for video; Click bunny brain eater for comment

Patriots, the foregoing isn't just another cyber-trip to the woodshed for a pathetic skwerlhugger. There's a more important issue here. That is, how does the bushytail horde's eclectic eating habits play into their plans for squirrel world domination? After all, it's one thing to chow down on a leftover donut, and it's another to eat raw brains... Could it be that the drooling nutzys plan to or already have added humans to their skwerlien menu?

To answer the questions above, we asked National Forest Service spokesperson, Ranger Bob Woodward, about this newest threat to humankind at his weekly news briefing. Our exchange follows:

scary squirrel world: Ranger Bob, how many people get lost in the woods each year?

Ranger Bob: Sorry, I can't answer that question off the top of my head.

scary squirrel world: Funny you should put it that way, Ranger Bob, because my next question is: of those lost in the woods, how many are found with their brains half-eaten by skwerls?

Ranger Bob: What the fu...??? Wait, I know you... that fake beard and eye patch doesn't fool me!!! SECURITY!!!

Well, Bob, you may not be the fool now, but what will you do if, one day, you find yourself alone in the forest, and suddenly slavering Squirrel Enforcement Army ground skwerls rise up from their hell holes... Who'll be the fool then, eh?


they will chew on our necks!!!!!!!!!
cant we all justed get along and eat some nicly fired squirl like all good red necks
you cool buddy guy frog
Squirrels may be cute and cuddly but they are very destructive too. I have about 10 of them living under my house and in my wood pile. I can't walk more than 10 feet without stepping in a concealed squirrel hole and now my house is setting lower on one side. Between them and the gophers, I don't know what to do.
evil squirrels are awesome
Frankly, I for one welcome our bushy-tailed overlords....
I like squirrels, I went squirrel fishing last week I cought two hole squirrels, it was awsome... Oh and dont judge that squirrel, if you were starving you'd eat bunny brains too!
I think squirrels are very scary I think the will take over the world some day
I'm the manager of a pet shop in england. I was searching the internet for pictures of road kill. =) Your site is fantastic. It exposes those evil sadistic squirrels really get up to while we think they're off being cute and innocent. Little deamonic Basta... Well done :) ~Beth 17/1/06
why do squirrls eat brains.
Its very cute and funny
this is a load of BOLLOX
I thing squirrels are not eivl . That is just not right . Squirrels should not be extict.Squirrels are not mean to human .If a squirrel makes a noise that is just his defense. So do not hurt it.
dead bunnies make me feel all tingly inside
Squirrel's are good target practice!!!!!!
My question is, I had squirells in my backyard for two years in which I fed and enjoyed watching, now they have disappeared fro over five months. Can anyone tell me what may have happened to them. I do not live close to anyone so I'm sure they were not killed. Jan Myers

Ed. note: just a guess... the youngins moved off and the elders died off. Might happen as a matter of course, or diminished food supply, and/or increased predation, or...??? They'll be back.
skwerls are funny and smell like my friend sean
what is this i dont even like this rubbish
HA! HA! HA! HA!You squirl munch & crunch faty faty fat tree huger!!!!!!!
The battle between the Rabbits and the Squirrels has begun. We will all die in the crossfire.
your are all f__king fools what if i said hippos would rule. You dont see them eating brains.Get a life or go to hell
Squirrels may be cute, but they just chewed all the wires under the hood of my 2000 Chevy Silverado........ now they aren't so cute, they may be dead
Great stuff. Not exactly what I was looking for (what squirrels eat) but I never guessed they were meat eaters, too.
Did you drop out of high school to do this...
this website just shows what most of us already know-- the dead/half eaten rabbit has more brains than the maker of this very stupid wesite. Do you have nothing else to do or are you just this damn stupid.You could have a great website with your pics. if you would just get rid of your stupid, stupid, stupid potty humor.--- sent in loving defense of all gentle, playful squirrels everywhere!!!
Hilarious! I love this! *must put in journal blog* Wow! Awesomeness!
I KNEW it!!!
squrrils should be in a squrril jail or something i love animals but a squrril eating a rabbit which i love i mean let a squrril eat your brain and see how you feel we cant let them do this to other poor animals.
I shoot and kill at least one squirrel a day... I just want to do my part...
Too bad half the people that see this page don't get it because they don't have a brain in the first place.
Squirrels are evil, that's why hi-cap mags were invented, to take out squirrely strongholds in wartime. Rabbits are Enemies of Squirrels but Rabbits are our enemies too. The phrase "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" isn't always true.
I love squirrls, there funny, clever & of course cute, but so are chickens, sheep, pigs so why not free food set a trap.
i think you are on drugs
nasty ;/
I was looking for recipes for sqwerl, and this is what I found. What a hoot! Keep up the good work!
do squrrls eat nuts
i think the rabbits will take over the world, and the reason the squirrel is eating the bunny's brains is because he killed it to stop it from taking over the world before the squirrels do... you see the bunnies and the squirrels are great rivals..
this info is the coolest. It is really helping me with my school projects. thank you so much. Keep up the coolness of this cool sight. I love you :)
Ranger Bob needs to take precautions for sure...definately needs some corncob grenades to throw them off if attacked!
I used to think skwerls were cute as a child until I saw one sitting outside the window chopping on the head of a dead sparrow. Freaky rodents.
My opinion is that I like Squirrels!!!!!!!!!
Yum. Brains... -drools & stares at random hobo hungrily-
ewww why a dead squirrel what the fuke is wrong with you
I like your website it give good info
i think you are all a bunch of f__king retards. i used to have this thing abour skwerls ruling the the THIRD GRADE!!! grow up a get a hobby you f__king jacks!!!
i thin that is grose but that is pretty funny lmao
Squirrels Rock they are freaking awsome. If you dont post this I shall smite you.
Skwerls are carnivorus???And they eat gummy worms???
Everyone knows that only zombies eat brains. OMG then it only stands to reason that skwerls are zombies! Or maybe thats just a carefully constructed ruse to scare us away from them? I'm confused.
that was f__kin awesome... sour gummies are the best.....
This is deranged... But, you know, thats always awesome. Keep it up.
I didn't know that squirrels eat fish. From the size of this sucker, I'd say he's been eating A LOT of fish... They even fought off crows to get to it. ~Jeff

Ed. note: that's sick. send more.
I hate squirrells. Your website is the shite.
*sigh* I'm Dr. Scruffy, and let me tell you about our supirior bodies of amazing awesomness and awe...

You see, us Squirrels, or "Skwerl", if you will, have evolved over the years to become supirior over the humans. After all, they polluted all our parks and trees and stuff. In our defense, and also plan to rule the world, we have evolved in many ways. In this case, since you pathetic humans destry our habitats by littering your damned food everywhere, we took it in our consideration to help clean up--while also building up our stomachs and bodies to accept these delicious food stuffs. It's not quite rocket science, you see.

So, of all of you worrying, no need, pathetic human/skwerlhugger freaks-- Your time will come soon enough.

--Proffesor Scruffy
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww grows but i luv u foamy
this place is crazy. now i know the truth about squirrels
I used to think skwirls were interesting harmless little furballs. I would even toss an ear of corn into the back yard every now and then for the entertainment they would provide me with (much like a street corner musician). Then one spring I noticed droves of oak and pecan trees sprouting from my flower beds. I wondered how in the heck did all the acorns and pecan nuts get into the flower bed? So, I spent the entire day weeding the flower bed of the newly sprouted trees before they were too large to pull up by hand. Then one day it happened. I started noticing hundreds of baseball size holes all over the lawn. I knew the holes were much to small to have been dug by a stray dog, and much to large to have been dug by a hungry robin. So one morning I got up earlier than usual and stood watch at the window. Sure enough my little furry tree rat "friends" came to life digging their little holes and burrying their nuts all over the back yard (even in the flower beds). And all this time I had been paying them to do this!?!? I sure hope those little rodents got themselves a good laugh at my expence, because that's the last ear of corn they will get from me (unless they are swimming in the stew with it)!
I just want to know what they eat so that i can get them out in the open. then when they come out I can shoot them with my scatter gun (12ga. shot gun) and blow their little heads off.
the thing eating the bunny is not a skwerl... ITS A F_KING GROUND HOG!! i mean i live in NZ and even i can see it!!

Ed. note: it's not a g-hawg. But it wouldn't matter if it was. G-hawgs are squirrels, ground squirrels, too.
well wats ur opinion i personally thin u r sik and twisted i recomend the mentally deranged part in the hospital or killing ur self hey im serious ....u rok me to sleep at night xxxx
y r u givin squirrelz gummi bears anyway itz not like any1z gonna drop a gummi bear "accidently" rite in front of a squirrlel is it cummon
All I have to say is that, this is so mean!
um... would u write ur informations a bit less! there is to much to read here!
he soo sexy i want to sex him up and get in his furr coat!!!
Awe, NASTY!! Is that squirrel REALLY eating rabbit brains???? I knew squirrels were rotten!!!
Being unt wery gud doktor, i now frum peersonale xpeeriaence that ze skwerly nids ze branes for a heelthy leefe! vhy vud anyvone not zink of zat?
I Think your right
poor bunny rabbita...and squirrel that squirrel should really think about becoming a vegetarian
What am I supposed to like about this site? I dont feel like reading all this, I just like the pictures!
I came across this website looking for information on what squirrels eat. I became curious because at my workplace (I work in a university office) there is a squirrel building a nest in one of the squares that design the building wall. The buildings and grounds people have covered the ill designed building with metallic mesh to keep the pidgeons out but now the lovely squirrel has chewed through it and is residing outside my window. Anyway...I found this info on another website that might be useful if anyone wants to feed their neighboring squirrels...Most squirrels eat nuts, seeds, grain, and fruit. By far their favorite food would be nuts, followed by sunflower seeds. Urban squirrel have adapted to eat just about anything, including pizza, luncheon meats and all forms of snack foods. Squirrels have been known to eat bird eggs, but this is a last resort. When natural food is scarce, they will eat anything they can find.
Aha! Maybe that's why caffeine kills squirrels! They're just hyper little creatures! Have you seen the way the little suckers run up trees and gates? I think they are cute but deadly, lol! Has anyone ever tried cornering one to get him/her out of your work area? Geez! They can put up a real war! lol!
i think your all punks... even the posters.. your all kids right?
I love the pictures of the squirrel eating the gummy worn. I laughed. Find more funny pictures.
THE SQUIRRELS WILL DOMINATE THE ENTIRE EARTH!!!!!! MAKE FRIENDS WITH THEM BEFORE THEY CONTROL PLANETARY CANDY DISTRIBUTION!!!!! and frankly Carny the Squirrel will eat your heads off if youre mena to his friends so play nice you bozzos

~Tufty the Skwerls girlfriend, Julie (that's right tufty's my lover so back off)
The squirrels are taking our jobs!
i think that this is a stupid web site! i mean squirrels don't really eat that stuff!!! i came here to find out something for a science project and i'm talking about nuts and seeds not gummy worms and stuff!!!

Ed. note: squirrels will eat about anything, including aluminum. get out of your fancy lad world and take a look around.
ive had a squirrel beef since i was about 10. used to hang out in a treefort and every now and then they would nuts and rocks or throw sticks at me and my friend. alyways right after that horrible laugh and then they scamper awat through the woods, now i kill squirrls every damn chance i have, little b's.
wow these squirrel pictures are awesome!!!!! but.......YOU NEED DEAD SQUIRREL PICTURES!!!
you guys are so mean this web site is cool so if you don't like it don't come back!!!!!!!!
i think that this is one of the queerest sights i have ever seen small things amuse small minds. are u all rednecks with pea brains?
that was cute yet very disturbing
a search for the truth leads me to your site (great i may add, but please, more evil skwerl pics). i recently saw a little monster attack, kill, and proceed to feast on the wings and head of a common sparrow.
this is disgusting:
1. you are sick minded humans showing a bunny brain when possible 7 yr. olds ca be doing there h.w.
2. you dont know if that squerrl was eating a gummy worm or if it just walked up to the dead bunny after a fox or wolf ate it.
all i gots to say is your really sick and your probbley seruoil rappists raping poor bunnys and squirls like that!!!!!
weird but cool the eat brains one was really disguting all i saw on my comp. was bright light though.? keep up the good work!!!
skwerls are omniverous. That's a big word that means they eat whatever crosses their path. You should see the carnage they create when a herd of them descends on an adult elephant.
Squirrels are great and your site is hilarious! good work. ~Squirrel momma
oh my god they are starting t-t-to rebel we must flee hide the children getb the guns whoo dogy!
Squirrel's love bread, peanuts, saltine crackers, apple slices, seeds, dried or fresh cooked corn. I have cared for several of these over the years & they are very sweet animals. I have never been bitten by any of them. By the way they love behind there ears scratched!! ~Annette in Ohio
wow..... those are some f***ed up squirrels!
Heath Justus- Probably not too many people get lost in the woods each year!!!
agree with the second commenters reason to believe that squirrels produce their own caffiene and that the chitterbox's would run at speeds to kill humans in their territory. however, the pic of the skwerl eating a bunny's brain is rude and offensive. i love this site but i will report you SPCA to take the pics of bunnies down...not the site. thanks, :)
i crave evil haha love the site. that skwerl eating that worm was pretty nasty though. anyone who doesnt like this site just dont come here anymore. ~cr4zy4wasabi
ive seen some skwerls do gawdawful things and they will chase you in the really bad parks where people feed them they will follow you around because they THINK you have food you may not have any food at all but they will harass you and shake you down for whatever you do have it's basically a form of mugging anfdf you don't want it to happen to you
Skwerls r cute but evil so u better WATCH OUT!
I ate a bunny's brain once, does that make me bad?
the squirrl that is eating the bunny brains is very sick and grose.i was just about to puke up my super because of you sick dumm-dumms.
you guys gots some issues squirrels are taking over
Those are some realy messed up sguirrels
I ate a squirrrel once..... it was yummy. I shot it out of a tree with my 22. and cooked it and ate it!! I flippin ate a squirrel and liked it!!!ghhaahhahahahhahahahaha!!!!!!!!:}
You people are horrible and your site is EVIL. When do you update? I'm addicted now.
I have reason to believe that squirrels produce their own form of caffeine. They can usually be found running at a pace that would kill any other creature. Perhaps the unfortunate squirrel drinking coffee is a malformed one, whose caffeine-producing-gland was unable to provide enough caffeine to scurry with his friends. The caffeine in the coffee is the only thing that will simulate the poor creature's caffeine. Shame on you, "Real Squirrel Lover," for denying that pitiful creature's attempts to fit in! Shame!
Squirrels are funny to watch. But they eat all of the sunflower seeds that you plant. They take everything from birdfeeders.
try a hershey bar sometime.
to the editors of this site: first, i am mortified that you would subject a squirrell to the perils of gummy worms. while i agree with your artiulate retort to "squirrell lover," the gummy worm incident would be of far greater concern to any dedicated squirrell friend. foremost, a high sugar intake will give this poor squirrell a disproportionately high risk for diabetes. because of sugary hand-outs like this, squirrell diabetes is threatening to become a new epidemic. please inform your readers of this fact. -#1squirrellfan
i love this web site!
OMG i love squirelles this is meann
this is hands down the dubmest sh_t i've eber seen get a like man
chill out, maan, i don't think anyone meant any harm to the skwerls. if they did, well then, their souls wouldbe carved out by the teeth of the skwerls in hell. mua haa haa ha ha!!
Squirrels are the most amazing creature in the world...i would know i have a pet squirrel. SQUIRRELS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
You know really, if u hat this site so frikin much than go make you own "Squirrels are your friend"site or some other sit like that. This is for anti skwerls, and this is all fake anyway. The ACS is the only reall threat to the squirrel militia! GO SKWERLS! GO hug a tree you skwerl lovin HIppies!
I personally see my self as an advocate for humans and skwerls. Skwerls are not communist they are democratic. Yes they do eat most anything, wether it kills them or not. Skwerls have a sort of bible, or religion and it says they will one day be the leader of earth. They plan on attacking after we kill half of ourselves in ww3. They have stock piled primitive and advanced weapons. I have taken pictures and videoclips of skwerls, their hide outs and taped on of my interviews of them.
there so cute.
this suks and squirrels rule more than you
dem querrlles r chute up tut
the site is funny, even for people who don't like hurting the environment and animals (like me) but love sick jokes. bonsai kittens, anyone? the only offensive things on this site at all are (1) the atrocious spelling of the readers/complainers and (2) the post that says "please take your lithium." excuse you, but people who take lithium are not "crazy" or "psychotic," they are bipolar, and it is not at all a sign of bipolar disorder to make funny but kinda mean but still funny websites about squirrels. that is something that comes from someone's imagination or personality or natural temperament, and has nothing to do with mania or depression. please go learn something, and shut up, in either order. then go take your rohypnol, and i'll send a certain giant male friend of mine over to visit you :)
The one eating the bunny brain isn't a squirel, it's a ground hog
squirrels are stupid
never show picture of bunny brain again please
The other day i went outside and saw a Squirrel digging in a bird nest.The next day i saw the bird and the Squirrel together......untill the other Squirrel got mad and got rid of him.And then lost his girlfriend.The're weird... *altogether*HELP US!!!!!!
I have a fever and the only prescription is more squirrel.
i like it so much but can you put more imfo on it that would be nice
I know a fuzzy tailed adorable rat who loves coffee. His name ....Stoney,.Friends call him Stones. He will drink your coffee,eat all of your Gummi Bears,and mug you for a almond.(poisonous to squirrels). None of these thing are good for him . He knows that. I am sure mother nature tells him this. Mother nature probably tells him not to jump on the heads of dogs. He does it anyway.Why? BECAUSE IT IS FUN AND HE LIKES IT!!! He would light up a Marlboro if he could . Oh did I tell you about the pork snacks and Budweiser? Plotting to take over . I don't think so. Squirrels are here to plant trees cause car accidents and just generally have a good time doing it. If they wanted to take over they would have made a alliance with the chipmunks(who have been known to stalk, kill and eat mice, voles,gophers and moles as well as other chipmunks)a long time ago. Have you ever been chased by a angry squirrel.Yes it is scary. I think someone needs to be watching the groundhogs. They are way serious for a rodent. It worries me that I live in a state that holds them in such high regard . I once had 2 pet mice. They seemed to get along until the little one ate the big one's head one night. Not enough gray matter in processed mouse chow I guess . We feed cattle ground up other cattle!! Think about that. I gonna go relax with Stoney my squirrel friend.
Squirrels!!! I hunt squirrels with a .22
We (the squirrels) are just trying to fool you. In creating this site, you hoped to bring awarness to our plot, but in all truth, you actually make it easier for us to take over the world. You make the world think you are crazy, which makes it easier for us. KARATE POTATOES!!! THE SQUIRRELS WILL RISE AND DESTROY ALL THE SQUIRREL HATERS!!!!
I bet you are really a skewrl!
are squirrels noctunnel.
can squirrels try to funny in front of people.
look what u did to pill z !!!
Today my son and I saw a squirrel eat a dead dark eyed junko out of one of our planters. This confirmed for me that these little devils are truley something that we should be keeping an eye on.
Fun site. I found it while searching for eating habbits of squirrels. This morning, while waiting for the bus with my kids, I saw 2 red squirrels, a gray squirrel, and a chipmunk eating something (all together) in my neighbor's driveway. When I went to check it out, I found they were eating droves of small (1/4-inch) greenish yellow worms, apparently fallen from the tree above. There were thousands of these worms. I live in Southeastern NH, and I'm still wondering what the worms are. I'mm ore concerned about worm domination right now, and appreciate the squirrel's (and Mr. Chippy's) help.
there are too mant squirrels, but i like the grey ones. the black ones can all die. GREY SUPREMECY!!!!
dscusting!!!!! i cant beleave u would show that!!!!! a real squirrel lover was right!! ~sencerly: pissed off chick
i think they are starving! so they eat everything and anything they can! it is really upseting because they are soo cute!
i think it's really creappy
squirrels rock and coffee rocks so i love squirrels they rock
i like the part where the squirrel is gnawing on the gummy makes me...want to eat am a squirrel..
erm...yeah! nice one! squirrels ate my meat and two veg!
I think you young boys dont have enough time on your hands. I also think your the real skwelhuggers to put so much time and work into stuff all about them. If they had any idea theyd proubaly eat your brains.You no even better it would be great if you could get a picture actually showing the squirrel eating the brains. You no something better a little more proof.All I seen was a poor squirrel wondering why his little friend scruffy the bunny did not practice the kirb drill and had to die. didnt do anything for me sorry maybe next time.
what is this place , i got a baby squirrel in my back yard and i think he's lost.
I have a squirrel and he is only eat fruts and nuts and water.
One time, my class was on a field trip and one of my fellow classmates tried to catch a sqwerl. And, of course, he didn't suceed. We were there for 3 days and 24/7 there was a sqwerl lauphing at us from the trees! I absolutely hate sqwerls. I finally fond someone who agrres.
Isn't the "bunny brain eater" a prairie dog?
ha ha ha ha haaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha, Sqirrels haa ha ha ha haa haaaa haaaa So much controversy
Squrrels are cute and fuzzy creatures that will rule the world
Do squirrels have a bladder?my friend reckons not,but i think they do
this is weird but cute
Holy freaks! you peeps are nuts! I love skwerls! especially their tails! hee hee hee
one of those pictures is crule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sqwerls are cool no mtter wat anyone says. They have a right to do wat ever they want.
All that sugar can't be good for their metabolism...
I saw a squirrel kill and devour a mouse alive right outside my window. I thought squirrels only ate nuts and such!
why do they eats nuts?
i need to know what eats gray squirrels
Squirrel action is funny.
yos dats some f**ked up, funny a** sit yos! squirrls live own fo eva yos!
THANK YOU! who ever left the Opinion and said " Skin fry and Enjoy" EATING SKUIRRELS IS DOPE! become ONE WITH NATURE!
I think squirrels are wierd. Ive never seen one in real life, they arent a native species in australia. If you want to see a REALLY scary animal, look up platypuses.
sense im a squirrel should i eat a bunny and if i do will you put my picture on this site.
squirrels shouldent eat bunny brians its just not right.
ok u guy guys r just sick.what the heck.Is that all u do in ur time???u guys r so
never trust the squrrels there evilllllllllllll
Squirrels are under represented in today's government....i mean are there any squirrel Senators or House Representatives? No! THat is clearly segregation. Squirrels have important opinions and ideas. If we would just give them a chance they wouldn't have to resort to eating brains or attacking us or burying nuts before winter so they can eat, it makes me sad to think many squirrels do not make it through the winter because they can't find their nuts...:( But I have a dream that all the races of squirrels and humans may one day co-exist and work together under the same flag! --Someone Bored
you people have to much time on your hands
Squirrels should love PETA. They are all nuts.
skwerls are cute! he dnt like the nasty sweetie-bless lol
why did the squirrel cross the road? To get my tires dirty!
what is this; how you say; brain?
should you really be giving them junk food to eat, like pizza and lollies???
my town has black squirells and you know what that means? they have bigger nuts and genitalia-equipment!
try feeding your squirrels from a bird feeder hung beneath an electric bug zapper, with the protective outer cover removed. It's funner than the fourth of July.
this is desturbing and if squirrels do in some god forsaken time take over the planet i can only hope that the chipmunks and beavers will save us!!!!
SQWERLS ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WOROLD....especially LLARY THE SQWERL...i met him at the lake he was disguised as a turtle so he could go swimming in the lake...cause the mean lake owner people wouldn't let sqwerls swim in the lake...poor sqwerls :( well anyways LLARY is going to take over the world and i will be the richest girl ever :) THE END ~BRITTANY~
lolz. i lerrrrrrrrrv squirrels. i wanted one but my momma said no. i like that part about ranger bob
gir squirrel: I love squirrels there the best ! I have one i found and i kept feedin it nuts and now i have a speacil whistle i whistle and he comes to me and his name is tiger cause hes a tiger squirrel and squirrels r my thing so back off! and foamy the squirrel rocks to hell! and squirrels r mine ! (ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr) my squirrels! so bug off and start likin bugs! off my f*cking squirrels!
squirrel = tree rat
What the hell was that about.Who in their right mind would eat a squirrl. I'll tell you who a hillbillie.It's starting to piss me off and whoever says squirrls are over grown rats I got some news for you squirrls are SMALLER and cuter that rats!
I...think they are very funny and kinda twitchy
thats really scary... and distrubing... and in some odd and twisted way... kinda cool... ~the squirrel in a humans body~
If a skwerl got the chance, he'd eat you too! Naw, just kidding. Although if I see a squirrel in line at Starbucks, I will know it's the end times.
hey i only ait les dan a half dat hikerz brain
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, nasty u sick O's
Well, this Skwerl was knocked down by a car and we held a funeral for it but that was when I was young and naive..Now I know they're evil! Don't call them rats because I like rats.
I have a pet squirrel who I watched chase down a large lizard, kill eat and then proceed to eat it. I've never seen this before......but very interesting.
Skwerls are rats in skwerl suits!
I think there sooo fuzzy-----[T.J Kimmel]
ug, could of done without the brain picture.
I say we take the pre-imtive strike and eat the squirrels brains! ...Oh wait nevermind I forgot they dont have any.
LMAO. I love the picture of the coffee cup thing, but anyways if you think about it alot of rodents eat paper if they can get their teeth on it, and for all we know there could have been nothing in the cup the squirrel could have just been munching down on the paper. *sighs* Some skwerlhuggers over react
this website dosent supply real infermation and peepole do get lost in the woods but squirrels dont kill them and you dont spell squierl s k w e r l s okay so, Im calling 911 if I see this site again!
If we feed them alka seltzers will they go pop fiz die or will they just thank us for helping them with their indigestion?
Quote from text: "Bones provide a ready source of calcium and phosphorous which squirrels need to prevent serious illness and death. Hence, the squirrel's interest in the dead bunny pictured above" Actually, they want phosphorous so their eyes will glow in the dark like devil bunnies.
This is the disgusting decay of modern society as we know it. Who the hell cares,they are SQUIRRELS. This is just another excuse to give a bunch of rambling idiots something to fight about.
Squirrles r secretly taking over the world !!Just when u thought it was safe, a skwerl eats ur sisters brain( but got stoopider). skwerls eat brains to gai knowledge!! SUMONE TELL THE SURGIEN GENERAL TO WATCH HIS BACK !! CUZ HE'S THE NEXT MEAL!! (I CAN'T BELEIVE WE'VE DROPPED ON THE FOODCHAIN)
skwerls are obnivorous,its true! Just a few weeks ago i saw a skwerl eating a bird's carcus,so i agree with the 5th post here.~Patriot Heard
God!! u stupid squirrel lover!!!! No one's gonna feed the friggen squirrels coffe!!! OMG what do ya think we are?? Idiots!! If their stupid enough to eat our trash on their own free will, then hell with squirrels!!! F**k squirrel lovers!!!!!!
AaAaAaAAAAHHHHHHHH! I can feel the razor sharp teeth of some chitterdemon gnawing MY SKULL right now!
We had better eat them before the eat us!
hellos to everyone will squirrels get sick eating bread I really love squirrels and i like feeding them bread.
i have personally witnessed skwerls attempting to "knock out" their human victims for eating by dropping nuts on them as they walk beneath trees.
do sqirrels eat chickens?
people have got issues who comes up with this sit????
Squirrels rock, and there arn't enough of them. But there are WAY too many Humans and cats running around killing stuff, and NOT eating it. Now, that is EVIL!!!!!!!!! Go squirrels!!! WOOT!!!!!
yo foshizwitch my ....fochwizit
i luv gumy worms
i soo agree with the dude, he rox! oh ya dudes!rock on little dude!
Skwerls are kool, they got a plan, and from what I seen, Skwerls eat all sorts, and drink beer, I saw Conker the Skwerl down the pub the other day, eatin dry roasted peanuts and drinking a pint of Carlsberg Export. GO you krazi SKWERL! Live it up, Foam cups, sweets, coffe, bunny brains, eat ur heart out, here, fancy some toe fluff? Ha HA! As long as the Tediz dont take over i dotn care!
holy crap theres corn!
I f__kin hate skwerlz!! Just last friday I saw a skwerl eating a dead baby possum.
There are too many squirrels in the world, and if they choose to drink coffee well let them even if they die its the squirrels choice not yours.
it is cool dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i would be the fool then because im in the scary feild
skwerls are over grown rats!
I work at a University in Chicago, and I have to say the squirrels here on campus are often seen eating anything and everything. Just the other day a squirrel was eating a dead bird just like it was corn on the cob. I thought they were herbivores but as I looked it up, because my curiosity was peaked, I found I will try and click a photo next time so the skwerlhuggers can fight with the birdhuggers.
are they carnivores
I think sqwerls can eat whatever they want
very stupid not funny
Ranger bob this is gret
what is the world coming to...
I once saw a squirrel eating a styrofoam cup (on his own free will), so if they are dopey enough to eat things that aren't good for them, is that our fault???
"A real squirrel lover" who cannot spell.
Do squirrels eat leaves?
F_CK skwerlhuggers you sissys!
You have well to much time on your hands, i just wanted to know how squirrals act towards humans?!?
i really like this website. you guys should put up some more of those audio thingies. have a pic where there is a squirrel fighting another one
hee hee. squirrels are really cute.
this is the worst site ever it is so stupid
this rocks
How can I keep the squirrels from eating the plastic on my bird feeders?
so cute so why do you hate
One of the fun things in life, is feeding skwerls chocolate covered expresso beans! Boy, can they move fast! Some of them even seem to fizz a bit. Wow!
dat was da stupidest joke ever! y do u guys put that on da web it stinks!
These meta-squirrels are psychic vampires from another dimension. Why won't anyone listen? Look, the evidence is right there! They eat the brains and absorb the memories. It's all so obvious.
The rodent in our pine tree ate 10lbs of peanuts last year. ~Walter C.
I am not surprised that squirrels eat meat, protein is good for brain power, and we all know that these guys are poised for world domination. Every time I see one lying dead in the road, I can't help but think that when the time comes for them to strike, there will one less sneaking into my attic and stealing into my bedroom, while I'm sleeping, for a midnight snack.
holy crap this is wrong!
Another wasted evening. thanks!!!!!!!
Whoever made this site is psychotic
I do not know how anybody can tell what the squirrel is drinking (if drinking at all). In my experience, squirrels wil not touch coffee and always go for cane spirit. So your pathetic skwerlhugger has nothing to worry about. Patriot Aitch
people shouldn't leave trash laying around it could harm them
that's a little wierd
I think you should take those pictures taken down this second. It could make someone think they should feed squirrels the wrone type of food!
If some1 takes off this site bacause of a stupid friggen picture they,ll be a dead man the next day!!!
Please take your lithium.
To hell with Squirrels my grandma pays me 50 cents a head on em i shoot em in the yard, skin em, fry and enjoy
My moms brain was eaten by a skwerl
i think we should just lev them alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The squirel drinking coffee clearly proves that Squirrels love caffieen and hazel-nut cappichino
i dont think that true that squirells eat bunnies brains because the picture doesnt show it eating it only sitting by it and, the comment was funny though!!!!!:):):):)
Well, hamsters will eat the brains of a dead hamster. I don't care, just as long as the squirrels eat and don't go without food. They are just so gosh darn cute! ~Lianaila of the Wood~
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MOMMY!!!! WHY IS THE SQUIRREL EATING THE CUTE BUNNY!!!!! Most squirrels are omniverous. That means they eat all sorts of things, including meat. The reason they eat meat isn't completely clear. Certainly, squirrels can survive on vegetable matter alone. But it's also clear that they will eat whatever comes along when their usual food source isn't available. Some research suggests that a squirrel's interest in meat is really an interest in bones. Why? Bones provide a ready source of calcium and phosphorous which squirrels need to prevent serious illness and death. Hence, the squirrel's interest in the dead bunny pictured above.