scary squirrel world BOBO'S BUSY DAY 

Meet Bobo, scary squirrel world's resident Attack Cat... Bobo has the heart and spirit of a true Patriot, but unfortunately for the cause, and fortunately for the bushytail horde, he can't catch a cold let alone a skwerl. Click screenshot for flick. Video in Windows Media - 3.97mb.

Bobo's Busy Day was shot with a digital still camera's movie mode. So the video quality isn't that great, but you'll get the idea.


now that is what i call funny

Bobo you rock but so do the Skwerls so just keep it easy there okay.
that was so cute i love cats i have 13 thank you so much i love it ~love cat woman
After watching your movie, I have decided to turn my life around and get sober and drug free. God Bless You and your entire cast.
Embrace your rodent brethren after all cats are in business with them and all other animals except humans to take over the world.!?
Bobo the man.
Bobo needs some other kind of r&r
My dog climbed a tree once to catch a squirrel-but the squirrel escaped. Too bad my dog had too die already.
Persistence over pace, bobo
Bobo's lucky that those skwerls didn't whip his butt.
i say that whats the point of this little video i mean it dosent teach anythying so why did they put it in the web if i was you i would take it out ~Senciriously unkown
Oh Bobo you fly guy!
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! GO BOBO!!!
go bobo
Priceless. Absolutely adorable. Where can I get a couple of playful skwerls and a BoBo?
what a great movie. it changed my life.

yours truly,
pedro luis martinez
You should make a plan to get back at the stupid cat(I hate cats ).