scary squirrel world SCIENCE IN ACTION

Patriots, how many time have you heard some pathetic skwerlhugger preaching the false promises of squirrel world domination. They'll assail you with prognostications of a better world if only everyone would follow the chitterbox lifestyle.

However, a future under squirrel world domination doesn't look so rosy under the careful, rigorous scrutiny of scientific investigation. Consider the following news summary...

When It Comes To Female Red Squirrels, It Seems Any Male Will Do, Even Close Relatives

Researchers have found that female red squirrels showed high levels of multimale mating and would even mate with males that had similar genetic relatedness, basically mating with their relatives.

Researchers from the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and the University of Sheffield in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom studied a population of red squirrels over a period of three years near Kluane National Park in southwest Yukon.

red skwerls - CLICK FOR HIDEOUS CHITTER While males mating with multiple females is quite common in the animal kingdom, females that multi-mate is much harder to explain.

Through their observations, it was noted that when female red squirrels chose a mate to copulate with, genetic relatedness did not play a factor (click skwerls for comment).

"In males, the benefits of multi-female mating are well established, but in females the benefits of having many offspring is limited, making the reasoning for multimale mating more puzzling," said Jeffrey Lane, who conducted the study while obtaining his PhD at the University of Alberta. Source: ScienceDaily (June 24, 2008)

There you have it. Proof via skwerlien deeds that in the chitterbox depraved vision of squirrel world domination, women will be nothing more than wanton hussies, and men will be regulated to the role of mindless sex zombies.

And that's just in our spare time (of which there will be precious little). The rest of the time we'll be slaving away harvesting nuts for the bushytail horde.

Patriots, is this what we want for ourselves? Our children? For civilization's future?


Some pathetic skwerlhuggers will argue that we're overreacting to this scientific study. They'll note that the study is limited to red skwerls only and that the our conclusions distort the researcher's actual findings.

Patriots, don't be fooled. Every skwerl on the planet is a debauched enemy of the moral order. But don't take our word for it. Observe the grey squirrels in the video below and decide for yourselves...


I just watched the video (above). Sorry to say that this has nothing to do with squirrel sex or mating. These happen to be three siblings at play. Hard to tell exact age from this clip, most likely they are not sexually mature.

So, it comes down to this. Squirrel hunters generally have no tails, and squirrels have cute bushy tails. Squirrels may not have large tufts of hair extending from ears depending on species (not sex). Otherwise, no difference.
Coito ego sum... or something quite like it!