scary squirrel world PROFILES IN TERROR


CLICK TO HEAR BESOTTED CHITTER Patriots, to your left is one of the most ubiquitous skwerlien images on the internet (click pic to hear its besotted chitter).

Who amongst you haven't seen it in one form or another? We reckon not many.

But how many of you know who is responsible for this beer-swilling skwerlball? Again, not many, we wager.

More importantly, was the image captured to promote squirrel world domination or to illustrate the bushytail horde's deviant ways?

In regard to the photo's significance, there are two schools of thought. The first is that the image does for squirrel world domination what Joe Camel did for cigarettes: promote it by encouraging alcoholic behavior in humans. Similarly, a second opinion sees it as a picture of skwerlien debauchery, and so as a warning against the false promises of squirrel world domination.

For years, we reserved our opinion regarding the cheap-beer bushytail. However, we can now publish our findings and reveal who is responsible for the photo based on the following correspondence...

Yes, it was me, and I am the photographer (of the cheap beer bushytail).

History of the photo: Taken in 1988 with help of my husband Bruce. Took five weeks to get the exact photo. She was a pet squirrel previously and we raised her from a baby. She was turned loose and she lived in our yard for years and one day we saw her messing with the beer and pop cans on the picnic table. We thought "what a photo this might make." And after many struggles we finally got a perfect photograph.

There is really no beer in the can. We love squirrels (emphasis added) and we would not do that to a squirrel.

Other squirrel photos, no. I have some, but my photo of the squirrel and beer escaped me and I lost control of it. I have never put it on Internet. It was put on the Internet long before I had a computer. People kept telling me it was on the Internet, and I laughed at them because I thought I knew it was not true. Well, did I get a surprise when I got my computer.

It is copyrighted, as are the other squirrel photos. I don't want to lose control over any more. It is flattering, of course, to have the photo all over the world. I have found it in Canada, Ukraine, Australia, Hong Kong, Romania, India, SA (South Africa??), Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, England. I keep searching and I find new places every time. And it is on over a hundred websites in US, I lost count, but it is nearer 200 websites by now. The squirrel has completely a life of its own. Lucky squirrel, she gets around more than I do.

Hah!! You asked for a little history, bet you did not know you would get this much. Thanks for taking the time looking me up. I do appreciate it.

~ Betty France

P.S. Why do you hate squirrels? They are the most wonderful pets any one could ever have. They are so responsive, and not so clingy and hairy and they don't try to slather your face, and they don't climb on your lap every time you sit down, and they are so independent, and when you raise the orphans, you can just turn them lose. They are the sweetest funniest creatures, and after raising several batches of orphaned squirrels, we would never never have a cat or a dog.

There you have it, the cheap beer bushytail was photographed by one, Ms. Betty France (see link below). And, it can now be assumed that the picture was created to promote squirrel world domination. So, now you know the rest of the story...



If there is anyone out there threatened by squirrells, then they must have bigger personal issues to deal with.
Poor Skwerl it can't even read the poor dear was dyin of thirst and they took advantage of it that dumb Betty France. she should be put in jail for giving beer to minors! Skwerls are Minors too ya know always!
Skwelien propaganda!!!!
Never have a cat or a dog? Or even a HUMAN CHILD, you SQUIRREL PAWN!!!
you idiot they are evil they are watching me nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Just a cute furry little quirrell. I have an "original" of this photo I bought from Betty. I have 21 quirrel and yipmunk tattoos. I am Rodentman. I have Rodentia Dementia.
Skwerlien propaganda...trying to fool the common man by behaving as we do
hahahhahah hey whats up isnt this the best thing you've ever seen?
Squirrles are good your evil
the squirrrl is just pretending to drink cheap beer. it's really poisoning it. squirrrels only drink ouzo.
i think it is really funny, definitely a little bushytail humiliation tho
wonderful squirrel story..
This is a pure skwerlian prpaganda that means when you join their army, you will get life long supply of free cheap beer! But, is that squirrel legal for alcahol?


cheap beer bushytail courtesy of and © betty france