scary squirrel world presents...
tank on rampage - requires flash - click screenshot to play
see instructions below first - game opens in a new window

Click on game to focus it if necessary. Use up-down arrow keys to choose one player or two player version.

Use the shift key to move through the intro (don't forget your hat) and to pause the game (pausing also displays instructions).

One Player controls:
u - jump, h - left, j - reverse, k - right,
a - cannon up, s - missile, d - cannon down, spacebar - fire cannon

Two Player controls:
Arrow left - left, Arrow right - right,
Numpad 0 - fire, Numpad 4 - aim left, Numpad 6 - aim right

By the folks that brought you Sack Smash 2003



cantankerous tank is courtesy of and © synj industries