scary squirrel world - resident evil ebola


Arrow Keys - Move around
S - Fire Primary Weapon
D - Fire Secondary Weapon
A - Survival Knife
W - Fire Upwards with Handgun (Doesn't consume ammo)
F - First Aid Spray
ENTER - Open Doors / Interact with Environment
SPACE - Open Inventory
Faster Rate of Fire (Handgun) - Hold S to fire rapidly
Samurai Sword - A to use (replaces Survival Knife)
Explosive Rounds (Handgun) - Tap S to fire then S again to detonate bullet (replaces normal bullets)
Grenades - G
Merchant - Interact with the Merchant to purchase weapon upgrades
Game Save - Save your progress at the typewriters that show up in the game, if you die you will respawn at your last save
YouTube speedthrough:

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