scary squirrel world - reprisal

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How to play You were once a powerful leader of a distant tribe and land with the ability to harness power totems of nature. With these powers you guided your people.

Now you have been cast aside as three tribes who are at war have taken control and scattered your people and totems across distant lands.

You must now guide your people to become a powerful tribe once again, collecting your power totems throughout the lands and overthrowing those tribes that stand in your way.

Begin your Reprisal to reclaim your history.

Reprisal is all about capturing land to build your own population and collecting back your power totems. Your the Blue tribe and have to overthrow any other tribes that maybe in the area. Your people dont need much but like to be kept happy and alive. The more happy they are, the more Mana they will produce which you can use on your collected power totems.

You can capture land with various power totems at your disposal which are split into 3 elements: Earth, Wind, and Fire.

The most basic of these power totems, but useful, is the ‘Terrorforming’ tool which is found in the Earth section. This allows you to raise and lower land around your tribe. This tool is the only one with two modes - Raise and Lower. Press the space bar with this tool selected to switch between the two modes.

Not all power totems are available at the start of the game and you will be required to collect them in Challenge islands. Challenge islands only require that you collect the totem present in the land. To do this guide your populants to it’s location.

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