scary squirrel world - refugees from space

This is a game about a crisis on a distant planet, and about Earth sending out missions to offer relief and aid to fleeing refugees. It is a shooter/action game about keeping a refugee safe as he escapes. The player takes the role of a commander on an interplanetary aid mission who can do one of three actions:

1) Drop supplies from the sky. If the refugee's supplies dwindle to 0, he starves to death.

2) Shoot hostile infantry using sniper shots. Sniper shots are immediate and take out hostile infantry in 1 hit, but are useless against buggies and checkpoints/barriers.

3) Call down an airstrike after a short delay, that blows up everything it touches, but is also dangerous to the refugee.

There's a short intro at the beginning, establishing the plot. The game is endless, but there is an end to the plot that is revealed if the refugee survives for a certain time and reaches the shuttle.

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