scary squirrel world - hardcore pawn

'A & D buttons' - Movements
'W button' - Jump
'W button'to the wall and 'W button' again - Diagonal Jump
Tap 'W button' twice when near ceiling - Magnetism (Cannon Mode)
Hold 'S button' - Defense
Hold 'SPACE button' until charged full - Ultimate Attack
'SPACE button or Left Click Mouse' in the ground - Melee Attack
'Direction of Mouse' when on the ceiling (Cannon Mode) - Targeting
'SPACE button or Left Click Mouse' on the ceiling - Shot Cannon Ball (Cannon Mode)
Hold 'TAB' - Magic Eyes (to view map)
Hold 'SHIFT + ASWD buttons or Direction of Mouse' - Magic Eyes (to look around)
'P button' - Open Stats / Paused

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