scary squirrel world - chic-i girls vamprincesas

Descubre la nueva moda de las figuras más Chic, la moda Vamprincesas, Chic-i Girls ahora son vampiras y princesas, ¡tienen las dos caras!, y en su nuevo juego puedes unirte a tu estilo favorito para vencer al otro, ¿sabes ya cual es? ¡Entonces empieza ya a jugar!

Discover the new fashion of the most chic, fashion Vamprincesas, Chic-i Girls are now vampires and princesses, have two faces!, And its new game you can join your favorite style to defeat another, you know already what is it? So start now to play! (Google translation)

Ummm, ok. Basically, pick your side, princess or vampire princess, then run around kissing the other side to covert them to yours. Global ranking shows which side is winning.

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